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the venture bros

by teatime in tv, film, and video on apr 20, 2023

man i love the venture bros. a one-minute clip for the film just got released:

in case you haven’t watched the series, i’d recommend you watch it. the movie is a continuation of the series, and the series is a blast

in case ...

post tv series intros

by teatime in tv, film, and video on apr 18, 2023

i am so so sad that venture bros only used its full theme for its first season

Anybody else waiting for Hytale?

by teatime in video games on apr 16, 2023

i saw a couple videos about it and it seems pretty cool. the mechanical depth it seems to have in comparison to minecraft is pretty exciting! there seems to be some activity on their twitter but the silence on their blog is a little worrying

Last Post Wins

by teatime in general on apr 16, 2023


Do you think WSJ gets the irony?

by teatime in general on apr 13, 2023

i think its a cry for help deep from within... whenever i see a subscription window pop up i either clear my cookies or look thru the page source