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wall of shame

privacy, FAQ, & credits

what is this site? #

this is is an internet forum purposed for general discussion with more niche topics contained in sub-forums.

sites like this haven't been popular in over a decade, so we're amazed you're even here in the first place. welcome!

any rules? #

yes there are a few:

1. don't be a dick. this is an umbrella rule for any kinds of bigotry, racism, sexism, inciting violence, etc. hopefully you get the point - you will be banned or put on probation depending on the severity of your post.

2. no doxxing. do not under any circumstances post any identifying information about another user, no matter how small.

3. don't post illegal shit. sharing pirated files, talking about killing anyone, selling drugs are all examples of things that will get you banned. if it's against the law, just don't post it.

can you please add/change X? #

this site will never be finished, so yes probably. feel free to request it either in the technical subforum or the community feedback subforum, depending on whether you're asking for me to code something or change something about how we run the site.

what data do you collect? #

the only identifying piece of information stored in our database outside of your profile information is your IP address. this is stored on a per-post level, and is used to keep banned users away from the site.

outside of our storage, we also use a tracking service called Clicky. you can see their privacy policy here. this site enables their privacy settings for all users, meaning your IP address will have the 4th block of numbers scrubbed as to protect your identity. it also means there won't be any tracking cookies stored in your browser.

even though we attempt to keep you as anonymous as possible, i will still suggest not putting any personal information in your profile.

can other users see my email address? #

no. the only people who can see your email address are you and me. but feel free to sign up with a fake email - it's not like i'm going to know the difference.

can administrators see my private messages? #

under normal circumstances, nobody can see your PMs other than you and the person you're sending a message to. however, if you get an offensive PM that you report with the report feature, you are giving administrators the right to view the PM and all other messages in that thread. think wisely before reporting a private message.

if you'd like to report a bad PM another way, feel free to send me a private message with screenshots

can i delete my account? #

yes! please check the "close account" tab in your profile

credits #

the following lists assets on the site sourced by either community members or 3rd-party websites:

forum icon gadget collection from svgrepo.com

forum icon weather collection from svgrepo.com

smiley collection from kisscc0.com

more forum icons from community member lvxferre

main site logo from phylodox

trippy site logo from community member c1

mspaint site logo from community member headwig

stylized site logo from community member raptor

pixel-art site logo from community member stonehead