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hey everybody - the basement blog is hosting this month's IndieWeb Carnival, this month's theme on "accessibility on the small web". Please go check it out and participate if you are so inclined!!!

links and things

sites we like (in no particular order)


personal site from user @eternity, filled with some blog posts and tons of fun links to explore

page of interest: personal web pages


minimal blogging platform, focused on text-first, simple web pages

page of interest: the hacker news hug (blog post by the creator, Herman)


designer/blogger who writes about design, internet culture, and other misc. things

page of interest: organization - office


personal site from user @starbreaker, focused on blogging and fiction writing

page of interest: this is not my side hustle


blogger who likes to write about their everyday life, general anxiety, and somehow doing it with a "rare, incurable chronic illness"

page of interest: i can't help it if i'm lucky


a minimalist forum, run by SpaceGhost, who makes an effort to aggregate interesting links and make threads about the subject matter

page of interest: i keep reminding myself that these could be the good old days of blue dwarf


these are some webrings basement community belongs to. if you came here from one of these rings, please be sure to check out more of the site and join the conversation!