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starting a completely blind playthrough of ffvii !!

by thatbirdguy in video games on feb 20, 2024

I just read The New York Times dropped a huge spoiler from the original game, watch out op.

Natural Number Game

by thatbirdguy in video games on jan 29, 2024

I think I've run into a wall here, maybe you can give me a pointer:

I'm at level 2 of ≤ World where I am to prove: "If xx is a number, then 0≤x0≤x" and the tip suggests I perform the Use command with a number, C, to get started.

But when I try following ...

Hello c:

by thatbirdguy in welcomes on jan 22, 2024

There was a guy at a vb forum I frequented more thn 20 years ago who'd welcome people with the catchphrase "welcome to the gaffer!". I don't know what a gaffer is but it has stuck with me. I don't think he'd mind me taking it over, so:

welcome to the ...

adam sandler movies (or I just watched Punch Drunk Love and holy shit)

by thatbirdguy in tv, film, and video on jan 22, 2024

I think the only Adam Sandler movie I recall watching more than once was Happy Gilmore.

If you're looking for more movies with Adam Sandler in it, I recommend Reign Over Me from 2007.

Natural Number Game

by thatbirdguy in video games on jan 22, 2024

And just completed Addition World. I am not sure how I did it - I think I'll redo and take notes along the way.

Natural Number Game

by thatbirdguy in video games on jan 21, 2024

phew I just completed the tutorial world! This is really addictive and also a great way to learn about logic. Can't wait to tacle Fermat's last theorem.

what have you been listening to?

by thatbirdguy in music on jan 21, 2024

Recently I've been listening to Wintergatan's album Sommarfågel.

Is it okay that I live in an attic?

by thatbirdguy in welcomes on sep 5, 2023

Depends really. Is it clean and can you stand upright without banging your head against the rafters? Asking for concerns in regards to proper housing.


by thatbirdguy in welcomes on jul 14, 2023

hey dude what's up

currently playing:

by thatbirdguy in video games on jul 10, 2023

I'm mostly into minecraft these days, but I have this dumb tendency to burn out on my mega-projects and force myself to finish them. In short I'm not really enjoying the game the way I play it but I'm too pig-headed to change my ways.

Do we want a gimmick?

by thatbirdguy in general on jul 3, 2023

<quoting=RevD postID=899 threadID=120>Well, how about a theme that supports the name of the site? I vote for a basement theme. I am thinking (this may be US themed) of the 70s basement with wood paneling, flower pattern couches, barely any light. See below ...


by thatbirdguy in software on apr 21, 2023

I downloaded Vim on a whim (hah!) and it absolutely confuses me.

Do you think WSJ gets the irony?

by thatbirdguy in general on apr 20, 2023

I'd like it if there could be some golden middle between subscription sites and the click-bait sites, because on the bottomline it's a question of how to generate income to keep the wheels spinning.

what did you make today?

by thatbirdguy in food, drink, fitness on mar 6, 2023

I just made some burning love for dinner. It's easy to make and doesn't require a lot of ingredients. But the slower you cook it the better it becomes in my opinion.


What do you need help with?

by thatbirdguy in software on mar 3, 2023

I had an epiphany while waiting in the checkout lane: it's the last bit that isn't rigorously defined. In short it doesn't check for cases where all teeth are missing, which is why I only got my problem partially solved. After rewriting I get 100% solved ...

chat thread

by thatbirdguy in general on mar 3, 2023

Almost! There!

What do you need help with?

by thatbirdguy in software on mar 1, 2023

Hi coderguy.

I'm teaching myself C++ by solving problems over at Kattis (https://open.kattis.com/) and I'm slamming my head against one problem in particular right now. The issue is that when I submit my code it doesn't solve all the test cases and I ...

python script one line at a time

by thatbirdguy in software on mar 1, 2023


Last Post Wins

by thatbirdguy in general on mar 1, 2023

winner winner chicken dinner

what did you make today?

by thatbirdguy in food, drink, fitness on feb 8, 2023

I have felt a bit uninspired about cooking lately, it's probably the season. Anyway I made some nice tomato sauce yesterday that I'm having with some pasta and bread. It's very easy to make; chop up some garlic and fry them in olive oil at low heat, then ...

post meems

by thatbirdguy in general on feb 8, 2023

Let's have a proper classic meme. emo emu vintage meme

spending a month visiting other forums

by thatbirdguy in general on feb 8, 2023

Oh hey, you fixed whatever it was that kept me from logging in.

First and foremost the obligatory "there is a frontpage?" joke. There.

I sniffed around a bit at the yesterweb forum you linked and I really like the vibe they've got going there. It reminds ...

probate me

by thatbirdguy in general on dec 5, 2022

do it fuckre poses like that guy from the batman movie let's see what it looks like

post meems

by thatbirdguy in general on dec 5, 2022

sleep now in the fire

the making of basementcommunity.com

by thatbirdguy in software on dec 5, 2022

well maybe not the whole plethora of reactions, but i like button to use when i see a post i like and want to praise it somehow - maybe that's the sort of post engagement you've got in mind