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What is your everyday use browser?

by stonehead in software on jun 7, 2024

One more for Firefox. It's at a nice point in terms of features vs privacy. Of the big, household name browsers, Firefox is far better than Chrome or Safari in terms of privacy. It's much worse than all those niche tech-enthusiast browsers, but those all ...

Tips on improving art

by stonehead in art and ish on jun 7, 2024

I wish I had an answer, I'm in the same boat. I can do pixel art that I think looks ok, but anything more complicated than that looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old.

What I've been trying is just some daily practice with reference. But that only ...


by stonehead in software on mar 2, 2024

<quoting=starbreaker postID=2214 threadID=268> Nothing wrong with your favorite chatrooms being on Discord; it's just not for me.

I wasn't even thinking of IRC. I prefer RSS for receiving updates, and if I want to send somebody feedback I'll try to email ...

some of the best movies you don't "get"

by stonehead in tv, film, and video on mar 2, 2024

I'm right there with you. I think a lot of those old movies too get credit for inventing techniques, not necessarily for executing them well. Unfortunately I'm not well versed enough in film history to give an example, but I often hear people praising ...

does anyone else dislike difficulty selection screens?

by stonehead in video games on feb 10, 2024

<quoting=the-syreth-clan postID=2092 threadID=256> I hate that my muse somehow managed to precognize that it was a danmaku just from these two lines. But ...

by stonehead in welcomes on feb 10, 2024

The real site owner could tell me could tell me @orchids' password

Count to 100.000

by stonehead in general on feb 10, 2024


(Not a Video Game) Family uses ChatGPT as GM for D&D Game

by stonehead in video games on feb 10, 2024

Wow, that was an interesting read. I've been playing ttrpgs of various sorts for over a decade, and while it's not something my group or I would ever try, it's impressive that the technology can remember the context of the scene, and each character's ...

does anyone else dislike difficulty selection screens?

by stonehead in video games on feb 7, 2024

I actually like multiple difficulty options, because I like more difficult games than the average consumer. Especially in stuff like Divinity or Baldur's Gate. On easier difficulties, you don't really need to strategize your moves at all. Just do whatever ...

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on jan 29, 2024

<quoting=NobodyFix postID=1658 threadID=197> FYI 1000 hours, is about 41 24-hour days. Assuming you play a game for only 4 hours per day, that's a little over 166 days. I think everyone one of us has played something longer than 166 days (especially ...

post daily doodles

by stonehead in art and ish on jan 26, 2024

I've been trying to practice digital coloring, but I haven't found a technique that feels natural to me. If anyone has digital painting tips, I'm all ears.

Daily practice

hello! :)

by stonehead in welcomes on jan 8, 2024


I think you'll find a lot of CS majors and professional software engineers here as a lot of the discussion seems to be around website development.

I liked Inside Job, it's a real shame it was cancelled when it was. The Air Bud plotline was really ...

dumb things in web design

by stonehead in software on jan 8, 2024

Those are atrocious. Being restrictive on passwords already leads to reuse, so restrictions that make it easier to crack are inexcusable.

I hate when text fields don't let you tab between them. Type - Tab - Type is much faster than Type - Move hand ...

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on jan 8, 2024

<quoting=carbontwelve postID=1832 threadID=197> Similarly I have been a member of the DOS Games forum since 2008 but I only rarely visit, usually when I have a question. When I do, I try to have a look around at the recent threads to see if there is anything ...

you're worthy

by stonehead in general on oct 16, 2023

My dog is sitting on my lap, and he looks very comfy.

More generally, I read an article a few months ago that scientists haven't found any indication of a maximum life-expectancy. Which means, medical technology and living standards increase, we expect ...

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on oct 8, 2023

quoting neph:

This is a good thread.

:) <quoting=neph postID=1562 threadID=197>

Principle of Limit

This refers to the concept of treating the internet has an interesting hole to peek your head through, rather than ...

share your (blog) post

by stonehead in the library on oct 7, 2023

Good article, with good advice. I wrote my first [blog post[](https://argusarts.com/blog/Why_I_Started_a_Blog_and_Why_You_Should_Too](](https://argusarts.com/blog/Why_I_Started_a_Blog_and_Why_You_Should_Too) ...

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on oct 5, 2023

<quoting=Devastatia postID=1425 threadID=197>Of the few members my forum has, most don't even read any threads other than the ones they posted themselves. If there are no new replies to their threads when they check in, they leave. They're not even curious ...

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on aug 31, 2023

Exactly. I've heard the term Personal Web used to better describe this new movement than Yesterweb. Because it's not the time period that these old websites came from that I love, it's the DIY, personal nature of the sites themselves.

I've used Agora ...

good websites with no (or very little) context

by stonehead in general on aug 30, 2023

No context it is: [https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations](https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations](https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations))

On the Sustainability of Small Forums

by stonehead in general on aug 30, 2023

I've written similar thoughts elsewhere, but I think topic-less forums can struggle a lot to maintain consistent posts. In niche hobby forums, posting is slow, but it's often consistent despite the low total number of users. There aren't many new threads ...

Movies that would/could not be made today?

by stonehead in tv, film, and video on aug 28, 2023

<quoting=RevD postID=569 threadID=86>So I was looking through some of my old links and came across this clip from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (YouTube). It has been censored when played on TV now. </quoting ...

spending a month visiting other forums

by stonehead in general on apr 8, 2023

<quoting=Tired postID=781 threadID=24>I agree with you that the ability to "like" posts was a bad decision. I think that the inclusion of many types of reactions ruined online forums, because many users only post in this particular forum with the intention ...

Videogame ost

by stonehead in video games on jan 27, 2023

Oh man, there's so many. Hollow Knight is one of my favorites. Hornet and City of Tears are standout hits.

Everything from Touhou is a banger, [Reach for the ...