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who's into psych horror

by fireismotion in tv, film, and video on feb 17, 2023

Second The Lighthouse. That's one of my favourite movies of all time.

I don't know if this exactly classifies as psych horror but David Lynch's Eraserhead fucked me up for a long time when I saw it. The industrial atmosphere that movie creates is unparalleled ...

what have you been listening to?

by fireismotion in music on feb 17, 2023

i'll start:

Song About An Angel by Sunny Day Real Estate

This songs makes me feel some indescribable emotion lol

currently playing:

by fireismotion in video games on feb 17, 2023

I've been playing Hyper Demon atm.

This game is absolutely insane. If I play it for more than 20 minutes I genuinely feel out of breath. It takes my eyes a bit to adjust too. It has a very DOOM-style approach ...

canada was founded as a department store

by fireismotion in general on feb 17, 2023

r u talking abt the hudson bay company?

post your desktop background

by fireismotion in general on feb 17, 2023


I've always loved this wallpaper. It's really relaxing especially at night. I remember one time I was tripping on shrooms and it looked like Schierke's cloak was moving with the stars.

Also shoutout ...