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hey everybody - the basement blog is hosting this month's IndieWeb Carnival, this month's theme on "accessibility on the small web". Please go check it out and participate if you are so inclined!!!

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by coderguy in software on aug 5, 2023

This looks really good. Markup languages are one of my favourite to use because they are so straightforward. Getting rid of the scripting side of the markup language is probably a good move, but a tough one, because they would need to be able to keep it ...

Hi everyone, I need a feedback of those who had started in freelancing some frontend development

by coderguy in software on aug 5, 2023

A part of business that is interesting is how they aim to fulfill the needs and solve the problems of people. I think that maybe if you aim to solve someones issue, or fulfill their needs, you might be able to progress in a direction.

What are you working on? V1

by coderguy in software on mar 3, 2023

Post anything your working on to do with software!

What do you need help with?

by coderguy in software on mar 3, 2023

<quoting=thatbirdguy postID=605 threadID=60>I had an epiphany while waiting in the checkout lane: it's the last bit that isn't rigorously defined. In short it doesn't check for cases where all teeth are missing, which is why I only got my problem partially ...

What do you need help with?

by coderguy in software on feb 19, 2023

Ask any question about software that you need some help with!

P.S. you can also answer questions too