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How clean is your home?

by c1 in general on feb 24, 2024

quoting orchids:

what directory are we running this in??

Your home, of course.

How clean is your home?

by c1 in general on feb 23, 2024

ls -A | wc -w

0-10: probably a WSL instance/vm/you don't use your computer 10-20: clean 20-50: pretty clean 50-100: acceptable levels of filth 100-150: unimaginable decrepitude 150+: you know you're using a hierarchical file system, right ...

Count to 100.000

by c1 in general on feb 15, 2024

### ##### # # # # # # # # ### # # # # # # # ##### ###

Count to 100.000

by c1 in general on feb 8, 2024


shell scripts

by c1 in software on feb 5, 2024

Wrote yet another little bookmark manager for dmenu.

The most important functions are

bmks_dadd() { url="$(dmenu -p "URL" <&- | sed -E 's/^https:\/\///g')" [ -z "$url" ] && exit description="$(dmenu -p "Description" <&-)" [ -z " ...

basement community Your World of Text page

by c1 in general on feb 2, 2024

Gotta make the largest rogue level

Natural Number Game

by c1 in video games on jan 30, 2024

quoting thatbirdguy:

But when I try following the tool-tip I'm told that my number C is an unknown identifier, which I suppose it correct since it's not been introduced or anything.

Try using use on the variable ...

Natural Number Game

by c1 in video games on jan 19, 2024


I was referred this recently, and it's become an unhealthy addiction. Teaches basics of the Lean theorem prover, through building the theory of natural numbers from scratch. Once ...

What is your everyday use browser?

by c1 in software on jan 19, 2024

For a while I tried using qutebrowser on my thinkpad.

I liked the concept, but man it was slow. Dunno if this was because it's written in python, or if the web is just too much for a W500 now :(. I might try it again on one ...

good websites with no (or very little) context

by c1 in general on dec 2, 2023

quoting NobodyFix:

I had hoped it would be a long horse and not a tall horse :(

Here you go: hypercone.us/endless-horse.

open request: submit smileys to the site

by c1 in community feedback on dec 1, 2023



post your desktop background

by c1 in general on nov 29, 2023

post daily doodles

by c1 in art and ish on nov 29, 2023

Well, I've done it again. Here's the new image host, for real this time: i.hypercone.us

report bugs here!!

by c1 in technical feedback on nov 22, 2023

Not quite a bug, but an interesting "feature(?)."

It seems numbers in the url can be parsed in a number of formats.

For example,

https://basementcommunity.com/threads/15 https://basementcommunity.com/threads/0xf https://basementcommunity.com/threads ...

currently playing:

by c1 in video games on nov 22, 2023

I've pretty much never played anything but Minecraft, though not much for the past 2 years or so. Recently I've had a lot more free time, but the new M*crosoft stuff is holding me back from the usual pastime.

I've heard of Minetest, but've never really ...

I'm gay

by c1 in general on sep 2, 2023

im gay da ba dee dabba da-ee

break my jank-ass image host

by c1 in software on sep 2, 2023

Just as an announcement of sorts, everything under the nest.place domain has been taken offline indefinitely. If there is anything (particularly from i.nest.place) that you wish to save, pm me and I can make it happen (until some as of yet undetermined ...

Creating a programming language

by c1 in software on may 17, 2023

Recently, I've been working on a programming language of my own design (repo), and I was wondering if anyone else here has had any experience with this kind of thing. I'm pretty new to C (despite it being my titular ...

How many requests is too many requests?

by c1 in software on may 15, 2023

quoting sebastian:

What about for Analytics or loading fonts?

I don't want analytics being taken without me expressly allowing it, and fonts should really just be up to the user.

How many requests is too many requests?

by c1 in software on may 15, 2023

I'd say no more than the number of times the user has to click on your website; I don't like when weird shit happens when I didn't tell it to.

Break my GLSL shader editor

by c1 in software on may 10, 2023

I've been enjoying messing around with shadertoy, but my one issue with it was that the UI was just terrible.

The text was all different sizes and colors, there were no keyboard shortcuts, and it was just generally a mess. I ...


by c1 in community feedback on may 2, 2023

<quoting=orchids postID=965 threadID=139>yeah i think if we did do this, performance wouldn't be too much of a concern since we're already caching stuff in Redis and i think we could leverage that for an RSS feed as well.

this is a good idea - i'll ...