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Last Post Wins

by bobsyouroyster in general on sep 9, 2023

I'm in this to win.

break my chat app

by bobsyouroyster in software on mar 2, 2023

tried some silly XSS using the & channel thingy but it passes the brain dead attacks I tried, which is promising!

argue about databases

by bobsyouroyster in software on mar 2, 2023

<quoting=partly_cloudy postID=572 threadID=83>man speaking of ORMs, i have a bone to pick with SQLAlchemy. I did not realize that blindly relying on ORM logic without really understanding the queries being run is a huge footgun.

after this site launched ...

currently playing:

by bobsyouroyster in video games on mar 2, 2023

Inscryption has been so much fun to play on my Steam Deck tucked in bed with the lights off at like 3AM.

Movies that would/could not be made today?

by bobsyouroyster in tv, film, and video on mar 2, 2023

Porkies really does not age well.

Last Post Wins

by bobsyouroyster in general on mar 2, 2023

I would like to thank all of the little people who have helped me get to this point in my life where I'm receiving the most prestigious award of Last Poster here on basementcommunity.com.

I'd like to thank my parents, Jesus Christ and the Hollywood Foreign ...

break my chat app

by bobsyouroyster in software on mar 2, 2023

Same to the above. Didn't work on Firefox or Brave.

Popular MMOs

by bobsyouroyster in video games on feb 23, 2023

I sometimes log on to City of Heroes, but it's mostly for nostalgia.

what password manager do you use?

by bobsyouroyster in software on feb 23, 2023

I use KeePass2 and synch across my devices with SyncThing.

I also use the password ******* for my vault.

Game Recommendations

by bobsyouroyster in video games on feb 19, 2023

Disco Elysium, easy and universal recommend.

Sacrifice is another amazing game, but it's about two decades old and so might ...

on second thought, american psycho is kinda pretentious

by bobsyouroyster in tv, film, and video on feb 19, 2023

<quoting=macguyvermectin postID=302 threadID=25>I figured the movie came off as pretentious because Patrick Bateman himself was both the epitome of pretentious 1980s yuppiedom and a parody thereof. Aren't we seeing the world as Bateman sees it when we ...

Any good music blogs?

by bobsyouroyster in music on feb 19, 2023

Ooo cool! Added it to my RSS reader.

Any good music blogs?

by bobsyouroyster in music on feb 19, 2023

I've been diggin Gorilla vs. Bear and Fluxblog, which are apparently as old as time.

Last Post Wins

by bobsyouroyster in general on feb 19, 2023

Cringe meme of Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter as Gandalf the Grey with Impact Top/Bottom Text Reading "YOU SHALL NOT POST"


by bobsyouroyster in general on feb 19, 2023

IIRC there was some impending deadline for people to migrate their accounts that might have past long ago.

Although I may be wrong.

What are you currently reading?

by bobsyouroyster in the library on feb 19, 2023

in b4 "this thread".

Neuromancer by The Gibson, though. Really digging it.

what have you been listening to?

by bobsyouroyster in music on feb 19, 2023

Just found out about Laura Gibson whose Empire Builder album has been playing non-stop in my head for the last little whie.

Also stumbled on [Crushed[](https://crushedworldwide.bandcamp.com/album/extra-life](](https://crushedworldwide.bandcamp.com/album/extra-life) ...