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שלום רב לכולם

by Mossad in welcomes on aug 28, 2023

Oh nvm a user got banned for racism. fucking nigger faggot retard site

שלום רב לכולם

by Mossad in welcomes on aug 28, 2023

I'm here to make friends, send pms for secret conversations under wraps.

all the people that had personality here have been long ago suspended this site is practically overall kinda based ngl

break my jank-ass image host

by Mossad in software on aug 28, 2023


Creating a programming language

by Mossad in software on aug 28, 2023

Why bother? Why not simply use the divine intellect language given to you by the nephilim? Why clothes the wire with the cancer you reinvented? Perhaps you wanted to learn something out of it? Regardless the reason.. soon you will die.

I'm gay

by Mossad in general on aug 28, 2023

Damn you a sick bitch, I love fags like you Let me twist it and ripple Ur nipples Oh God I'm so tired, sorry for the low quality. I'll do my best 😉 trust