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good websites with no (or very little) context

by Jafoob in general on aug 27, 2023


Very similar to that poolsuite one posted above... I LOVE these kinds of sites so much.

Video Games & Time

by Jafoob in video games on aug 26, 2023

<quoting=Eternity postID=79 threadID=22>This thread is meant to be about sharing your thoughts on video games and time, not my feelings. Feel free to address them, but I want to read about yours. Here are mine:

In my youth, I remember having so much time ...

what did you make today?

by Jafoob in food, drink, fitness on aug 26, 2023

Made an awesome sheet pan Greek chicken and potatoes meal.


I'm not the greatest at cooking and was surprised that it turned out as well as it did. Makes a perfect lunch.

I also ...

What goes on here?

by Jafoob in general on aug 26, 2023

Yeah, I agree. It ain't much but it's special I think. Reminds me of how the older internet forums of my youth used to be.

Yearly playlist

by Jafoob in music on aug 26, 2023

I originally got this idea from the Podcast "No Dumb Questions". Been doing it since 2020.

Name a Playlist the current year. Anytime you find a song that is a banger, or maybe it played during a special moment, add it in.

Years later, you can listen ...

post your work from home / study playlists

by Jafoob in music on jun 22, 2023

quoting orchids:

donkey kong OSTs are always big news


I am so... so disappointed that the Nintendo direct had ZERO DK news... Maybe next year.