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Tips on improving art

by AmylaseChan in art and ish on may 10, 2024

Ah, I cannot thank you enough! Sometimes my self esteem gets super low, but I'm trying to help myself to not think that everything I do is trash.

Tips on improving art

by AmylaseChan in art and ish on may 9, 2024

Yo! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on improving art. I'm not a beginner artist (I've been drawing since 2018), but I feel like my art sucks, and I want to improve it. I know that one of the best ways to do it is to attend an art class and/or go ...

Hola everyone!

by AmylaseChan in welcomes on may 5, 2024

Yo, nice to meet you too! Welcome to Basement Community! I found this site via 32bit.cafe too. But I definitely agree that modern website has gotten too "sterile". Everything looks like a white brick, it stinks.

What are you currently reading?

by AmylaseChan in the library on may 3, 2024

Currently reading Pure Invention: How Japan Made the Modern World by Matt Alt for a school project. Other than that, I'm reading some books by Sofie Ryan. She writes good cozy mysteries. I also like my fair share of nonfiction too.


by AmylaseChan in welcomes on apr 29, 2024

quoting NobodyFix:

The more it looks like a 1996 Geocities site, the better!

Adding this to my list of personal mottos.

What is your everyday use browser?

by AmylaseChan in software on apr 21, 2024

I use Chrome on my laptop, and sometimes PaleMoon if I want to visit flash game sites. On my iOS, I use the Google app.


by AmylaseChan in welcomes on apr 20, 2024

Greetings Basement Community! I'm Amylase (yes I named myself after an enzyme because I'm a massive nerd when it comes to biochemistry). I discovered this site from 32 Bit Cafe, and while I didn't use internet forums a lot when I ...