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general spending a month visiting other forums

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im sorry

joined apr 10, 2023

quoting orchids:

yeah i feel like some people don't want to deal with authorization and would rather just hand it off to another "trusted" company to do it.

but yeah kinda crazy considering the entire site is hand-coded and not using phpBB or xenforo or something.

from my understanding this was a decision to try and mitigate bot/spam account creation? i guess the theory is that its a lot harder to amass 100s of google/github accounts and then use them to sign up for the forum than it would be to automate signup on some in-house solution. i dont know enough to know if thats an effective strategy anymore; i doubt its hard to buy a bunch of google/github accounts somewhere if you were really inclined?

ive signed up there and haven't posted. it does feel kind of odd knowing that its an offshoot of something so specific (garrys mod or whatever) that is now a general forum, and i couldnt really find any good 'onboarding' places, for a forum that size. i didn't even see an introduction thread?

also, if you are still interested in 'visiting' other forums -- i myself am i guess 'visiting' from [https://posting.cool](https://posting.cool](posting.cool))

posted 4/10/2023, 11:54 pm

general spending a month visiting other forums